This job was our first entirely live-action project, directed by Hilton Tennant. It was for a campaign of 3 commercials, and although only 15 second pieces, they were quite intricate productions. Both shoot and post was facilitated by TM, and despite being novices at the live-action process, we produced the job in 3 weeks from brief to delivery.


The client wanted to position Mango Airlines as the most efficient domestic carrier. This was to be achieved by highlighting three main aspects of their service that contributed to this and set them apart from competitors.

Namely, that they were the “Most On Time” airline, and that one could avoid the queue and save time by checking in online or by using a self-service kiosk, and finally that a Mango customer would have access to their Premier Lounge to relax in.

This was to be achieved by playing out three different scenarios (each one highlighting one of the above features) of what one’s experience could be like if they didn’t fly with Mango and then contrasting them with the extremely quick & efficient alternate narrative of the Mango flyer who circumvents all these hardships and obstacles.

Strategy, Concept & Execution:

From the onset, we felt that it was paramount for the spots to be in line with and display the outtake message of being quick and efficient. The viewer should always be left feeling as if not a second of their time has been wasted. Since they were only 15” spots, they were always going to quick but the challenge was figuring out how to fit the entire narrative within this time frame.

We took the opportunity to introduce these characteristics straight away in each spot, during the intro featuring the Mango Spokesperson who we made out to be the epitome of speed and efficiency. He was an over-energetic, fast speaking guy who is a master at multi-tasking in order to save time. He had to think faster and move faster than everyone else, yet do it without breaking a sweat. Even his role in these commercials was made to feel like the crew has caught him in the midst of his busy schedule. These scenes were also subtly manipulated in post-production to further exaggerate his speed.

It was very important to highlight the humour in and achieve the contrast between the wrong and right ways to fly to further drive home the message.

The Utopian lounge in ‘Most On Time’ had to look as opulent as a Five Star hotel to accentuate the contrast between this fantasy and the reality of the airport waiting room situation. We also introduced a carnival twist to add a slight hedonistic quality and visual interest. The airport waiting room is the epitome of boredom and unhappiness. Our protagonist however suffers none of this as he checks-in and is up in the air in no time at all.

‘Self Check-In’ relies on the humour of the fact that our antagonist is so used to the delays experienced at other “non self check-in” airlines that he has moved his morning routine to the check-in queue at the airport to save time. It illustrates what lengths one might need to go through to beat the queues. Our protagonist is seen walking past this debacle and is then promptly up in the air after a few easy steps.

In ‘Premier Lounge’, we open on a particularly uncomfortable meeting scenario where our main character is the focus of some varied and nasty abuse. From here, she has to endure even more unpleasant experiences at the airport. These scenes are heavily contrasted by our protagonist who is seen relaxing in the calm and comfortable Premier Lounge.

The Team:

Client: Mango Airlines

Agency: DDB South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Gareth Lessing
Agency Producer: Kathy Scharrer
Copywriter: Kerry Friend
Art Director: Donovan Bryan
Business Director: Cheryl Kietzmann
Account Manager: Ryan Townsend

Production Company: TM
Director: Hilton Tennant
Executive Producer: Robyn Jephson
Producer: Anikesh Ramani

D.O.P: Werner Maritz
Art Director: Elmi Badenhorst
Music & Final Mix: Freq’ncy & Cut ’n Paste