A 60 second promo for the launch of the original Star Trek series on channel GO (DStv).

In keeping with the brand strategy we developed for GO when it was first launched in 2003, promos needed to have the same irreverent tone as the rest of its on-air communication and image. The channel had little to no advertising, so entertainment between programming became a key factor in keeping audiences hooked. There was also very limited budget for promo maintenance, and content for the shows was very often only available hours before broadcasting, so we had to find a completely new way of making promos. So created graphic/animated promos in many various styles, creating a variety of content pieces for the brand, which in essence gave it its personality. Animation employed quirky styles and concepts, often deliberately set up to appear ‘unpolished’. This, combined with the key elements of offbeat humour, insidiously catchy music, the distinctively unimpressed GO voice and the GO green made for a communication instantly distinguishable as a GO piece.


Client: GO (DStv)
Production Company: TM
Director: Hilton Tennant
Producer: Robyn Jephson
Concept & Scriptwriting: TM
Production: TM
Editing: TM
Design: TM
Animation: Creon Eftychis
Compositing: TM
Final Mix: Zak Binikos