The Brief:

The agency wanted to achieve a captivating string of eight 15second in-store vignettes that individually communicated the unprecedented benefits of the HP Halo Studio to their corporate audience. They wanted a diverse approach to the story telling, and to explore a mixture of styles and executions, from live action, to illustration, to animation, to delight and fascinate the consumer. The nature of the space was such that the installation would be a walk-by attraction, revealing little tidbits about the amazing benefits of the product, enticing potential buyers of the product to ask questions, and book a demo.

Creative Execution:

Our approach was a conceptual one. We focused on enhancing communication and the importance of face-to-face contact in business, rather than on the technology behind the actual product. So we tapped into emotion rather than marketing buzz-words and technical jargon. We wrote a series of scripts, which we developed with the agency. We then clustered the scripts into stylistic groups, organized around similar communication objectives.

Treatment-wise, we created a mixture of styles and executions, designed to feel eclectic and whimsical. And even though there were major variations in technique we tried to keep all the designs feeling analogous, so that they felt as if they were part of a collection, similar to the way
To further pique viewers’ interest we varied our depth and tone of communication from spot to spot. Some of the animations are short, light and funny, while others are slightly longer and tap into a more definitive point. However, whether whimsical or demonstrative, each spot reinforces Halo’s core benefits in either a direct or metaphorical way.

The Team:

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco
Agency Producer: Susan Crimley
Agency Creative Director: Antonio Navas
International Production Co: The Ebeling Group
Local Production Co: TM
Director: Hilton Tennant
Scriptwriting: TM
Design: TM& Carl Addy
Animation: Dave Stoy, Ryan Chen, Bashir Hamid, Chris Smith, Colin Homes, Jean Marco Ruesta, Natella Katae, Mark Likosky, Pete List, Mathew Connolly