A 20 second animated TV spot for Lifestyle.

Treatment & Execution:

Our goal with this spot was to create something charming, and to stay as true as possible to the authenticity of the paper doll, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but conceptually as well.

Stylistically, the trick with this was trying to find a balance between the authenticity of the paper doll (which has its roots in 1950’s illustrations) and the modernity of the character. Timing was also a big challenge. We only had 15 seconds to tell this story, and because we were working with stop-frame animation, each tiny little movement needed to be scrutinized to ensure we were capturing all the key moments, while still retaining as much detail in the secondary motion as possible.

From a treatment and animation point of view we wanted the paper doll and all her clothing & accessories to feel like paper cut outs, and to treat the animation as a stop motion piece, so you get the sense that someone has actually moved all the clothing and accessories around by hand. To take the level of authenticity once step further, we created the rips in her miss-fitting clothing by tearing the actual paper, rather than animating buttons popping off, or illustrating the tear of a sleeve in the style of its illustration. This dramatized the character’s increasing frustration over the 15 seconds, which was important in getting that ‘empathy’ factor from the audience.


Creative Director: Jayson Dicks
Copywriter: Annette De Klerk
Art director: Kyra Antrobus
Agency Producer: Di Cole
Production Company: TM
Director: Hilton Tennant
Design Direction: TM
Character Design: Kris Hewitt
Character Development: TM & Kris Hewitt
2D Animation: TM
Compositing: TM
Sound Design & Final Mix: Produce