One of two 20 second animated spot for Lifestyle.

Strategy, Treatment & Execution:

We wanted this spot to be as charming and feminine in tone as the first spot, but in a completely different way, so that even though they differ completely in style and animation technique they still feel like a campaign.

The biggest challenge with ‘Swimming Cap’ was how to tell the story. The script was quite complex for a 15 seconder, so we changed the narrative a bit, and narrowed down the amount of shots into almost posterised moments. Due to the nature of the type of action taking place (girls diving into water, wet hair vs dry volumetric hair) the execution of it needed to be fluid and organic, not just from a motion point of view, but also from a treatment point of view.

The best way to create fluid motion in 2D is by using cel animation. It’s a time-consuming, labour-intensive process, but we felt it was worth the time and effort in order to achieve the type of motion we were after. Apart from fluid motion, we also needed to create organic textures. The agency was after something quite painterly, so we created some impasto-esque brush stroke textures to composite into the clean vector animation, and created some internal motion within the textures in order to keep them feeling alive, to bring a sense of vibrancy and richness to the overall treatment. It was a tricky balance to get right, but agency and client were very pleased with the end result.


Agency Producer: Di Cole
Creative Director: Jayson Dicks
Copywriter: Annette DeKlerk
Art director: Kyra Antrobus
Account Director: Terry Unser
Account Manager: Niza Mzwakali
Production Company: TM
Director: Hilton Tennant
Character Design: Louis Minaar
Character Development: TM & Louis Minaar
Design: TM
2D Animation: TM
Compositing: TM
Audio post-production: Produce