Channel branding & imaging development for Free2View MOVIES, a movie channel on the Free2View network.


Free2View is a free–to–consumer encrypted digital satellite broadcaster in Sub-Saharan Africa. They approached us to create brands for their 4 main network channels, and develop initial imaging packages for the launch of the network. The 4 main channels are:

F2V One: A general entertainment channel
F2V Kids: Features animated content aimed specifically towards kids under 12.
F2V Movies: Classic blockbuster movies
F2V Music On Demand: An interactive music channel

For the launch of the network we focused on creating brand identities for each channel, as well as preliminary imaging elements such as channel idents, ad-break bumpers, IPI’s and promo tops and tails, in order to get the channels up and running quickly. Each channel needed to be given its own unique identity, but also needed to be linked to the F2V network brand, so that all four channels feel like part of a brand family. The on-air looks created for the launch of each channel were guided predominantly by their content, so that viewers would have a good idea what expect from each ‘brand’. We had 3 weeks in which to produce all these elements for all 4 channels, including a general awareness promo campaign for the network.

Client: Free2View (GreatMedia)
Production Company: Tennant McKay
Director: Hilton Tennant
Producer: Robyn Jephson
3D Animation & Design: Tennant McKay
Design: Tennant McKay, Nic Grobler,
2D Animation: Tennant McKay, Nic Grobler,
Compositing: Tennant McKay, Nic Grobler