FNB is a bank that prides itself on its innovative banking policies. Their agency, Metropolitan Republic created an online campaign featuring some of its client stories. Each of the stories are testimonials about how the bank has, through their innovation, provided effective business solutions. The design language employed in the commercial is reminiscent of techniques employed in infographics for the purposes of simplification, clarity and legibility, all while paying cognizance to the FNB brand. We developed charming animated stories that followed the experiences of some of these clients.


Client: FNB

Agency: Metropolitan Republic

Creative Directors: Rob Rutherford

Agency Producer: Linda Hauser

Production Company: Tennant McKay

Producer: Nandi Dlepu

Design & Animation Director: Hilton Tennant

Illustration: Tennant McKay & Studio Muti

Animation: Tennant McKay & Jonathan May

Final Mix: Freqncy