The Brief

The Canadian kids TV channel, YTV, approached us create an on-air branding campaign for them. More specifically they wanted twelve channel idents. Their general demographic is kids between the ages of 6 and 12 years old, so the pieces needed to be fun and engaging. Their main requirements were that the YTV logo be integrated into the stories rather than just appearing at the end of each sting, and that the duration of the stings were set at 5 seconds.

Creative Execution

This was an exciting project to tackle as it combined two of our favourite things: storytelling and character design. And we handled the entire job from beginning to end, from concept and scriptwriting, right up to sound design and final mix. We started by creating a number of script ideas which we developed and tweaked in collaboration with the client. Simplicity was key in order to make the stories work in five seconds. Once the scripts were approved we developed a set of characters in 2D, giving specific design attention to small details like the styling of each of the characters clothing, hairstyles and accessories, as well as their environments. The next step was to translate all of this into a 3D world, and bring the stories to life. We had to create detailed storyboards and animatics to make sure we would get all scenes into the 5 seconds without losing any of the story. The success of the stories hinged on the expression and body language of each of the characters, so rigging and animating them was quite a challenge. Lighting was also very important, as well as compositing all the design details back into the 3D to give it the high end, polished end product we were after.

Pieces from this campaign won a Silver and Bronze at Promax for best Cable Network ID.

The Team

Client: Chorus Entertainment (YTV Canada)
Producer: The Ebeling Group
Director: Hilton Tennant
Concepts & Scriptwriting: TM
3D Animation: Darren Macpherson, Matt Lowery, Justin Wingate, Gavin Marais, Adam Thorn, George Christacopoulos, Guy Van Der Walt
2D Animation & Compositing: TM
Character Design: Hilton Tennant, Carl Addy, Erika Koutny
Sound Design: Zak Binikos