Mnet’s in-house productions asked us to produce two call-for-entries promos for their local reality show called ‘I Wanna Be’. It’s a makeover show, which focuses on bringing people’s dreams to life for a day. So its not just about physical make overs. Its about creating a magical moment for someone.

The promos needed to introduce the concept of the show to its potential viewers, as well as inspire contestants to enter, by way of suggestion (examples of things they might want to be for a day). So we needed to create an example of one or two of these transformations, taking ordinary people and turning them into something spectacular.

The biggest challenge was that the show had not gone into production, so we had no footage from the show to work with. An animated solution would not have worked for this audience, as they needed to related to actual people being transformed, and the budget would not have supported a live action shoot. So we decided to shoot consecutive photographic still and create a stop motion treatment. We cast a young male, and a mature woman to create a broad appeal for the contestants call to action, and create iconic before and after looks for them, using minimal styling and props. Chris Green shot the stills for us.


Client: Mnet
Concept: TM
Scriptwriting: Shane Durrant
Photographer: Chris Green
Stylist: Nicola Bower
Director: Hilton Tennant
Design: TM
Animation: TM
Title Design & Animation: Creon Eftychis
Compositing: TM
Final Mix: Zak Binikos