Gossip Girl is about the decadent lives of Manhattan’s elite youth, and an anonymous blogger who likes to publicly comment on their deliciously tawdry lives, and their most private and scandalous.

Our strategy for the campaign was to create hype around the idea of gossip using the concept ‘Dirty Secrets Never Keep’. We focused predominantly on the student market, utlising intimate social spaces to create voyeuristic intrigue. The tone of communication was set by Gossip Girl herself; using the same high-society language with hints of elitism and disdain for lesser mortals. Headlines or copy felt as if they could have been written by her.


The visual treatment took cues from the baroque styling of the show. The ‘scandal’ was set in complete contrast against the backdrop of their perfect lives. The dotted line, which weaves between all the characters, acted as a visual metaphor for the secret connections between them, and the green circles were the placeholders for Gossip Girl’s delicious scandal. We kept the graphic elements green to tie the show directly back to the GO Brand, acting as a punctuation point on the tune-in so that people immediately knew where to catch the show.

The Team:

Client: Mnet (Go tv)
Campaign Strategy & Concept: TM
Script & Copywriting: TM
Editing: TM
Design: TM
Animation: TM
Compositing: TM
Director: Hilton Tennant
Final Mix: Zak Binikos