This was a fun little project we produced for channel GO. They came up with an idea for a 10 minute daily tabloid insert, but they didn’t want it to feel like the usual tabloid stuff out there. We were briefed to come up with a name for the show, design the logo and treatment for the opening sequence, and produce a fool-proof tool-kit for the editors. Because its celebrity gossip, the content always needed to be current, which meant that the show was edited daily, with lots of last minute additions when fresh scoop was found.

We played on the idea of the logo being a paparazzo’s camera, which we modeled in 3D using a highly reflective glass material, and inside the glass we inserted neon light filaments which acted as the flash for the ‘camera’. We also created graphic ‘flashes’ for the background, which were created in the same material.


Client: GO (a DStv channel)
Production Company: Afrokaans
Name & Concept: TM
Design: TM
Animation: TM & Gerbrand Nel
Compositing: TM
Sound Design & Final Mix: Ear Candy