Strategy & Creative Execution:

When Channel GO was first launched in 2003 it was aimed at an audience of 14 to 25 year olds. It has always been a youth-based general entertainment channel, with a strong focus on being irreverent and off-beat, from its content offering through to its brand communication. In early 2007, market research showed that there was quite a big shift in the target audience, mostly based on more drama and reality content being shown on the channel. The target audience had shifted to a slightly older market of 19 – 35 year olds. For this reason we were asked to re-look the channel branding, and re-position it within the new target audience, so that the channel communication better suited the content. Essentially we needed to create something a bit more mature and polished, while still keeping it visually

It was important not to lose any of the existing loyalty within the target audience, or to move too far away from the core ingredients which have always made GO so distinctive on-air. The Go green and Go-man had become strong identifiers for the channel, as well as the general tone of communication both on and off air (less traditional, tongue-in-cheek deliveries). The dry, irreverent channel-voice is also something which people had come to know and love about the channel. So it was about hanging on to the things that worked, and evolving the channel from there.

The biggest challenge was to simplify the brand, without taking away any of the impact. One of the ways we did this was by introducing a very limited/specific colour palette, reducing the brand colours to only green, black and white, on any piece of brand/channel communication, whether on-air of off-air. Even footage in promos was graded to a very high contrast black and white, so that it became very graphic. This created a very strong brand presence, and an immediate distinction between content and imaging. Go promos immediately stood out from any other DStv channel communication, as most promos are played across the DStv bouquet.

Another way we created impact was by using very strong typography, using combinations of very large, oversized type to create visual interest, in conjunction with more traditional fonts for communicating vital information. We created a custom font for the channel, so that it would not be seen anywhere else. Pattern also played a large role in creating the look and feel for the channel. We created a multitude of patterns in different weights and colour combinations (within the black white and green palette), which gave us great diversity within all channel communication. It was a way to keep each element looking slightly different from the next.

In general these are the elements which madeup the brand, and how it communicated, both on and off air:

The Team:

Client: Mnet (Go tv)
On Air Strategy: TM
Script & Copywriting: TM
Design: TM
Animation: TM
Compositing: TM
Director: Hilton Tennant
Final Mix: Zak Binikos