Amnesty International briefed us to produce a commercial for their ‘Make Some Noise’ campaign (2006). They had already commissioned Jack Johnson to record his own version of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, and the commercial would take the form of a 60 second narrative music video, focusing on some of the prominent issues Amnesty International deals with. One of the prerequisites was that we could not show anything too depressing or negative anywhere in the spot. We decided to take a very graphic approach to the topics we felt strongly about, the abuse of woman, child labour, and the use of children as soldiers in civil wars. The commercial sees the transformation of these subjects from their negative situations to positive ones. The child soldier’s gun becomes a teddy bear, the bound women become liberated, and the child labourers find themselves behind computers in school. These scenarios were designed to happen organically, hinting at a dream-state of what the world could be like if we made different collective choices. The live-action component (Jack Johnson) was shot on green screen, the environment was designed and animated using a combination of 3D and 2D, and then all the elements were composited together to achieve the final look.

It was such a privilege to work on a project of this nature, as we seldom have the chance to make social/political/environmental commentary through our work, or to contribute to the work that non-profit organisations like Amnesty International do.

The Team:

Client: Amnesty International
Network: Dektor Films
Producer: The Ebeling Group
Director: Hilton Tennant
Concept & Design Direction: Hilton Tennant & Carl Addy
Animation: TM, David Hillier, Frank Weber
Compositing: TM
Music: Jack Johnson (Final Mixed at Turner Studios)