This was the first project we did for Shaw. Their previous commercials communicated through type, adopting a casual, conversational approach, which they wanted to retain moving forward. However, they were interested in introducing some supporting design elements around the type to help tell the story and keep the viewers interest. Their product offerings are all colour specific, so for this spot we needed to use Orange, and shades thereof.

Strategy, Concept & Execution:

The main narrative is told predominantly through the use of typography, so our approach was to treat the type as objects, or as characters within the narrative. The way that the story told needed to be dynamic and interesting while using as few elements as possible, adding additional design elements only to enhance certain concepts. For this reason it was also important to render the 3D type beautifully, adding in reflections and treating the type as real objects in a space.

We approached the sub-narrative character animation in a similar way to the typography. We stripped the elements down to only the absolute essentials that were necessary to tell the story. We also came up with a narrative and story-telling technique to circumvent any potential violence, which could have been problematic for the client and their brand. We also had to consider our Yeti’s modesty. His agent was not very keen on letting him expose himself or even use a body double for that matter.

Our design approach for the characters was to develop them in a way that they compliment the style of both the typography and the supporting iconographic elements. By doing this we are able to create a cohesive style throughout the commercial where we are able to shift the focus from the typography to the characters without jarring the viewer.


Client: Shaw Cablesystems Ltd.
Client Liaison: John Lawson
Agency: BBDO Toronto
Associate Creative Director: Todd Cornelius
Associate Creative Director: Jamie Markovitch
Account Director: Olivia Mendez
International Production Company: The Ebeling Group
Local Production Company: TM
Director: Hilton Tennant
Illustration: TM
Design: TM
Character Design & Treatment: TM
2D & 3D Animation: TM
Compositing: TM
Music & Final MIx: Six Degrees Music Production Studios