The agency wanted to retain the casual conversational approach of the previous spots, and continue to use typography to tell the story, however, with this spot, they wanted to introduce a sense of spectacle and more colour variety into the mix. They also wanted to drive the “extras” offering home, while maintaining a stylized clean look.

Strategy, Concept & Execution:

The script compared the product offering to a high intensity, high quality, action packed commercial, which pulls no stops. It uses several clichés, which are commonly used in action movies to convey its point. Our challenge was to tap into clichés without the use of any imagery or footage, and to create them using only typography, and some peripheral graphic elements, as far as possible staying true to the typographic direction of Shaw’s current advertising campaign.

In order to do this we employed the use of fast paced cuts and dynamic angles to create the tone for this commercial. Although this may be a departure from the single camera move approach of the previous commercials it still sits comfortably within the same family and the typography still retains a fairly central role during the spot.

Stylistically we chose to keep the look very slick and polished to ring true to the nature of the product offering: High quality, High definition, Digital Television. So rendering in this particular piece became very important, focusing on realistic texturing, lighting and reflections to create a very high end finish.


Client: Shaw Cablesystems Ltd.
Client Liaison: John Lawson
Agency: BBDO Toronto
Associate Creative Director: Todd Cornelius
Associate Creative Director: Jamie Markovitch
Account Director: Olivia Mendez
International Production Company: The Ebeling Group
Local Production Company: Tennant Mckay
Director: Hilton Tennant
Design: Tennant Mckay
2D Animation: Tennant Mckay
3D Animation: Darren Macpherson & Tennant Mckay
Compositing: Tennant Mckay
Music & Final Mix: TA2