The agency & client were looking to create quick, cheerful & simple spots that were charming and fun, in an info-graphic style. They also wanted something different to the usual “scientific” approach most medical brands seem to take, and wanted to differentiate themselves from competitors with the use of humour, and a slightly offbeat style.

Strategy, Concept & Execution:

The key to the success of these pieces was humour and simplicity. Initially we wanted to try and push the style of the character away from being too iconographic, but in the end decided the humour of his actions would be better communicated if he was simpler. To accentuate his attributes, we employed quick, punctuated scenes for the animation, and focused on his body language and facial expression to get the humour across. We worked with the agency to develop each of the scripts, starting off with quite complex scenes which we simplified down to their posterised punch-lines.

Style-wise we wanted the pieces to have a unique and quirky quality, which made them stand out and become a look and feel which the client could own. And although inherently low-fi in nature, we created titles and packs in 3D to retain a sense of polish, so that it still felt sophisticated.


Client: Johnson & Johnson
Agency: Taxi Montreal & Taxi 2 Toronto
Creative Directors: Lance Martin & Alexandre Gadoua
Copywriters: Alanna Nathanson & Josiane Cossette
Art Director: Mike Blanch
Agency Producers: Aggie Brook & Anick Rozon
International Production Company: The Ebeling Group
Local Production Company: TM
Director: Hilton Tennant
Design: Erika Koutny & TM
Character Development: Erika Koutny & TM
Character Treatment: Erika Koutny & TM
Character Line Animation: TM
Character Animation: TM
2D Animation: TM
3D Animation: Gerbrand Nel
Compositing: TM
Music & Final Mix: Pirate Toronto