Shaw wanted a humourous, entertaining and charming spot that was in a different realm to the previous typographic-focused pieces.

Strategy, Concept & Execution:

It was imperative for our main character to be very likeable & endearing. This informed and drove our character development and general treatment. The humour was also paramount to its success so we introduced secondary characters and other subtleties to accentuate the charm of the story.

Since the bicycles are metaphors for internet speed, it was very important that the new bike (Shaw’s Internet service) was a world apart from the rusty old bicycle. In fact, we needed to accentuate the differences between many aspects before and after the transformation including the paperboy himself. The environment was created to be dull, subdued and de-saturated before, whereas it is brighter and more appealing afterwards. The old bicycle was rusty and wonky beforehand whereas the new bicycle is slick and shiny. The Shaw pit crew (who are responsible for the transformation) also needed to be the epitome of speed and efficiency. We used this opportunity to also brand them with the logo and dress them in the Shaw Internet brand colour (orange).

We needed to consider the overall colour palette carefully, especially the use of the Shaw Internet Orange for accentuating the positive transformation. We also opted for a limited colour choice rather than full colour, to avoid it feeling like a cartoon. We also added textures and shadows to add a hint of realism to the 2D world and make it feel more sophisticated.


Client: Shaw Cablesystems Ltd.
Client producer: John Lawson
Agency: BBDO Toronto
Associate Creative Director: Todd Cornelius
Associate Creative Director: Jamie Markovitch
Agency Producer: Olivia Mendez
International Production Company: The Ebeling Group
Local Production Company: TM
Director: Hilton Tennant
Design: TM
Character Development: Denise Robertson
Character Treatment: TM
Character Line Animation: Denise Robertson
Character Flash Animation: Michael Robertson
2D & 3D Animation: TM
Compositing: TM
Music & Final Mix: Six Degrees